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Our Story

Known for combining textures and contrasting neutrals, a Donni Charm scarf elevates any wardrobe with ease. Clever construction allows unlimited versatility––the wearer can drape a cape, style a sarong, or wrap a headscarf with just a few folds. Ways to wear Donni scarves are endless, but the effect is always effortless.


Founder, Alyssa Wasko, began making scarves in 2009 to cope with the death of her father. But as the scarves went on to empower more women, the creative outlet naturally grew into a business. She named it Donni Charm, after her father, Donald, who always called her his lucky charm. Each scarf is adorned with a hidden wing that takes on the aspirations of its owner.


 Donni Charm scarves are made from the softest fibers by seamstresses in Los Angeles who are like family to the brand. In Donald's name, the brand seeks to create scarves with soul: this begins by supporting the women who produce them, and concludes with a donation to a different charity every season.


Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.